Degree Requirements

The MFAc degree offers students two options for completion:

  1. The Coursework Option: students must complete eleven courses (33 credits)
  2. The Major Research paper option: students must complete nine courses (27 credits) and a Major Research paper (6 credits). This option is contingent on finding a faculty member who agrees to supervise the project.
  3. The Internship Option: students must complete at least nine courses (27 credits), FACC 6850 (6 credits) and an internship. This option is contingent on finding an internship.

Length of Program

The MFAc is designed to be completed in four consecutive semesters of full-time study. It is a trimester program, so the four terms span 16 months. Students are encouraged to take 3 courses in each of their first three terms and 2 courses in their final term and can start in either September, January or May. The program may be completed in three terms pending course availability; however, fees must be paid for all four terms.

Part-Time Study Option

The MFAc is primarily designed as a full-time program. Part-time study is allowed for students who are in full-time employment. Students register for one course per term and decide which term to register for 2 courses to complete the 33 credits required during the 8 terms. However, since courses are offered during both the day and evening, a part-time student needs an agreement with their employer to permit a flex-time work schedule.

For complete program requirements, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted year round and there are two start dates in the program (September 1 and January 1). Students should indicate their preference for start date. Applications have to be received by August 1 for fall start and December 1 for winter start. However given the need for securing references, transcripts and visas for international students, much earlier application is encouraged.

For complete program requirements, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar