How can we improve accountability and governance relationships in organizations? 

This is the question that drives York’s Master of Financial Accountability program – founded in 2009, it is the only program of its kind in the world. 

Hardly a day passes without another media report bemoaning the lack of accountability and proper governance in both the corporate world and in government. The most coveted leadership skill for private and public sector managers today is the ability to instill appropriate accountability and governance relationships in any organization. This is the essence of York's Master of Financial Accountability Program. 

As an MFAc graduate, you will be in a position to assess and to strengthen accountability and governance relationships in any public, private or not for profit organization. You will be well equipped with the tools and knowledge required to deal innovatively with complex organizational, ethical, legislative and financial realities you may face in your career.  

York University's MFAc program addresses complex questions and challenges. You will acquire strong critical knowledge and practical skills from across a broad range of areas including governance, legal, financial, information technology, risk, climate change and strategy. The MFAc designation should accelerate your entry into senior management, assurance and oversight functions. We see this degree as being part of the essential skillset of any business professional. 

Are you contemplating a graduate degree in business or finance? 

The Master of Financial Accountability (MFAc) is a one of a kind degree that should definitely be on your short list.