Gord Piercey, CAGord Piercey, CA
VP Finance, TD Bank Financial Group

"The MFAc program's unique focus on governance and accountability has enhanced my understanding and broadened my perspective on key issues facing many companies today."

Mary Labatia
Corporate AccountantMary Labatia

"MFAc differs from traditional business master's programs by providing students with leading-edge specialization in an emerging business field. Small class sizes and highly skilled professors allow for an enriched learning environment."

John A. Sabo
Chair of the Board, OMERS Administration Corporation John A. Sabo
Chair of the Audit & Resources Committee, Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace

"The MFAc program is helping me to refine and enhance the professional skills required to meet and fulfill my fiduciary responsibilities as a corporate employee and as a board member on the corporate boards on which I serve."


Dr. Sung Kwon
Dr. Sung Kwon

"Our vision is for MFAc graduates to become influential leaders working in the public, private and non-profit sector. MFAc graduates will have the expertise necessary to solve the complex challenges related to financial reporting today. We hope that they will become agents of change who can motivate management to engage in corporate social responsibility through ethical and accountable decision-making."

Dr. Richard Leblanc

"We are in the midst of tectonic shifts and game-changers in the way Dr. Richard Leblanccorporations are run and governed in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-09. Governments and standard-setters all over the world are enacting significant legislation and codes to include shareholder engagement, governance of executive compensation, risk-adjusted compensation, diversity, governance of stakeholder relations, and leading disclosure and integrated sustainability practices. Our graduates are truly fortunate that the program reflects all of these developments and faculty have expertise assisting regulators and significant companies to adapt to — and lead these changes."

Dr. Mark Schwartz

"Financial accountability is not only a challenge for all business firms, Dr. Mark Schwartz both big and small, but is also the key to sustainable growth and long-term success. The MFAc program provides students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge base, making them better prepared to understand and address the often difficult ethical, governance, and financial reporting issues they will inevitably face. As an instructor in the MFAc program, it is a tremendous privilege to discuss the cases and material with experienced professionals in the unique setting of a small class environment."

Dr. Patrice Gélinas

"Each MFAc class is an enriching experience for all involved. We have cohorts of very qualified and experienced students that truly enrich our debates on, and our probing of, ethical issues, governance dilemma, and real world problems. "