How can we improve accountability and governance relationships in organizations?

This is the theme of York's new Master of Financial Accountability — the only program of its kind in the world.

Hardly a day passes without another media report bemoaning the lack of accountability and proper governance in both the corporate world and in government. The world only narrowly escaped another Great Depression resulting from the global financial crisis of 2008. Investigation has shown that lack of accountability and poor governance practices were the principal culprits and both the private and the public sector shared blame. Yet, today have things changed? Government is more dysfunctional than ever. Few corporations can be labeled as socially responsible. Greed and self-interest trumps the public interest. MBA programs do not deal with these pressing issues so we designed the MFAc specifically to meet this challenge.

As an MFAc graduate, you will be in a position both to assess and to strengthen accountability and governance relationships in your organization. You'll also be well equipped with the tools and knowledge required to deal innovatively with the complex organizational, ethical, legislative and financial realities you may face in your career. The MFAc designation should accelerate your entry into senior management. We see this degree as being part of the essential skillset of any CEO, CFO or Board member. Since virtually every organization in the private and public sector has a need for improved accountability/governance relationships, we also see the demand for MFAc graduates as being virtually unlimited.